How To Make Sure That Your House Rewiring is Legal and Safe?


Well, rewiring your house can be a lot of work. But it can be highly useful to prevent accidents like short circuits etc. First and foremost, you need to find out whether your house needs rewiring or not. In case if you have fuses blowing incidents more often, than it is an indication that you need to go for house rewiring. If short circuits are regular then house rewiring is really important. In case if you find black wires, then it is an indication that you are using very old wires, probably 50 years or more older. These wires need to be replaced as they hardly follow safety regulations. The same can be said about rubber wires as well. It’s time for you to seriously think about house rewiring.

Obtain proper permits

Whenever you do house rewiring, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary permits to do the job. All your plans should fit regulations. First and foremost, you need to submit your house rewiring plans the local authorities. Otherwise, the professional who is supposed to do the wiring can do it for you upon your request. When it comes to electrical installations, certain rules and regulations have to be followed. For example, the outlets are not supposed to keep closer to faucets. If we are talking about a big house or office, you can contact commercial fit out companies to do this job for you.

Don’t do it yourself

These days, people are keen to do it themselves. It is dangerous. Unless you are a licensed electrician, you are not supposed to do it as it can risk your life as well as the people live there. Always contact professionals if you want to get this done properly. As stated before, you can call commercial fit out companies in case if we are talking about a big building. May be you have some basic knowledge in the wiring and electrical connections, but that shouldn’t prompt you to do it all by yourself. Trust the professional and don’t try to put yourself in danger.

The professional is always the right person

When it comes to wiring and any electricity based projects, you can rely on the professional.

• A qualified electrician will be able to establish the map of wires and come up with a better plan to place these wires.

• The electrician will work in one room at a time.

• Be prepared to live without power for the next few days until they finish their job.

• They will be doing one room at a time. Help move the furniture around so that they can work without any hassle.

• You shouldn’t turn on the electricity back if the rewiring isn’t finished yet. It is always better to wait for this to be over as safety comes first.


When it comes to wiring jobs, always hire the best professional. He will be able to make sure that you have done the wiring job with required permits and safety features.