Risks Of Unsupervised Underground Digging

So, you’ve enjoyed your winter months filled with snow and serenity. And now entering the season of flowering and the beginnings of life, spring. Having set in your mind of all the projects and ideas that have to be accomplished before the end of spring or summer, some of them which include activities of digging, which are; planting trees, maybe building a swimming pool, outdoor sheds and many more. You begin the process of digging for one of the projects mentioned above when you hit something hard. You discover that one of the utility lines have been damaged and you have to now face the consequences. Here are the risks and damages you could encounter while digging underground and how you could avoid such an error.

Damaging a Pipeline
One of the most common accidents while digging underground is the possibility of hitting a utility line and breaking or denting it. These lines could be anything, from natural gas lines or water sewage pipelines or fiber optic cables, et cetera.

Losing Money / Insurance

Another problem you will confront is the expense of fixing the damage you have managed to do on that particular utility line. You could lose money fixing the utility line by hiring a vacuum excavation hire to solve the damage you have unnecessarily caused. You would also exhaust some of your income for insurance and its related expenses.

Unnecessary Inconvenience

You would have to face uninvited problems such as, loss of that utility line that has been damaged by your actions. For example, you break a natural gas pipeline. This action may cause you to confront unprecedented damage in case of a fire, which would be drastically injurious to your health and your property as well as cause unnecessary risk and injury to your neighbourhood and your neighbours. You would also cause unnecessary trouble for anyone who is connected to the same utility line that has been damaged.


The most effective way any individual could avoid the problems mentioned above as a result of irresponsible underground digging is to call a service or your local utility line department for utility detection services to avoid the extensive damage that could be caused if you decide to dig without the proper permissions and the adequate equipment. Finding a service should not be a time-consuming task, since you have the internet to search for the exact service you are looking for, at the right price.

If you have to dig, for anything underground, you now have the best set of points to remember what would happen if you do not call for a service to map the ground before you start the process of excavating. If you still do think you have what it takes to do it yourself, you should also have what it takes to face the consequences.