Methods Of Underpinning Houses

With time everything requires a little bit of support to make it stand tall. This especially applies to homes. Sometimes due to ecological or other reasons the foundation of a building will weaken and no longer be able to support the structure. For practical reasons, this slagging foundation will not work in the best interests of the inhabitants. But fear not, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, builders have come up with a solution that doesn’t have you abandoning your home.
House underpinning is the solution and though it may sound like a wrestling term, it has been known to be one of the more successful methods of saving a weak building foundation. What they do here is when the building’s existing support beams have decayed, cracks will appear in the beams and start to weaken, builders will go in and give support to house reblocking at compromised areas with jacks. What cause for a foundation to lose its stability can depend on a number of reasons.
Sometimes it could be that the properties of the soil may have changed and that would not have been factored in when the original foundation was laid. Or it could have been external factors which disturbed the soil under the foundation such as an earthquake or a nearby construction project which may have inadvertently affected the stability of the earth in the surrounding area. Or simply could be that the original foundation laid was not the best match for the building type and the soil.
There are different methods used when it comes to house underpinning and the division starts because of the different styles which are used to strengthen the foundation. One method used is mass concrete style. This is the traditional form of strengthening the foundation and has been in use for almost a hundred years. This is where boxes are dug under the existing foundation and concrete is then poured in a strategic order. So it is essentially building a foundation under the existing foundation.

Another style of this is beam and base and this is where a reinforce concrete beam is constructed at the bottom of or in place of the current footing. Then the beam transfers the mass of the building on to concrete bases which have been strategically placed to equally distribute the weight of the structure. There are various styles and methods used to bring in support for foundation that seems to be lacking in strength. So if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation in the future, remembering these little titbits might help you out quite a bit.