What You Need To Know About Garden Design?

Most home owners who wish to have a well-manicured and landscaped backyard garden might find it difficult to turn it into a reality. They often get confused as to what they want. There are certain key terms which offer different décor ideas for a garden space. Knowing what these terms imply will help one to design or visualize their garden space accordingly. It would also be helpful when one is having a discussion with their landscape designer.

Alcoves and pergolas

There are different kinds of structures and designs that are applicable for backyard gardens. If your landscape designer is talking about an alcove, he or she is referring to creating a recess in a hedge or a wall. This is usually a curved structure or space. It can act as a focal point with a fountain or a sculpture placed in this space. One could have a seat placed here as well, which would have a shade above. You could even consider creating a semi private space by installing laser cut garden screens. The other structures that are commonly discussed in context of garden décor are pergolas or arbors. These are shade designs that could be covered with vines. Arbors could be free standing with arches on top. Pergolas are larger architectural structures which are more elaborate.

Landscape arrangements

There are different kinds of arrangements that can be made into a garden. Bastion usually refers to creating a projecting section which could be a ditch with a retaining wall and a sloping side. Belts could refer to strips of trees planted in a row. These terms are usually referred to by a landscaping expert whom you may appoint to design your garden space. The décor expert could also use structures like laser cut garden screens in Brisbane.

Plantation arrangements

You could ask the garden landscaping expert to have beds of annual or bi-annual flowering plants. This will help your garden to have a colorful look and feel. You could have climbing plants on berceau which is a vaulted trellis. A border could be created for your garden with a long flower bed. Many décor experts also refer to a bosquet which usually implies a block of trees or shrubs in the middle of the garden with a path in between. You could even ask for a bower which is a garden seat that is surrounded by foliage.

Appointing an expert

Once you are familiar with the terms, it is easy to get a garden décor or landscaping expert to work on your garden space. Once the initial layout is decided upon, all you need to do is sit back and see the plans on paper materialize in reality.