How To Be Eco Friendly And Help The Planet

Climate change and heat island effects are a major issue around the world. There are global debates regarding these matters. Experts and specialists advice is to follow an eco friendly life style to help the planet. If we don’t save and protect our environment, Mother Nature will fight back. The natural disasters and unfavorable climatic conditions are her way of telling us to back off. Change your travel habitsIt is not necessary that you have to take your car to work everyday. There are various other options available at You can take the metro, the bus or the office transport. Making use of public transport is affordable, saves your fuel and its eco friendly. Less car on road means less traffic. Which means that you can go to office early.Use florescent lights and turn off your computerChange to a florescent light and it will reduce the pollution and save energy.  Also if you are conscious and mindful enough to turn off the light and ac when you leave the room and turn off your computer at night, it will reduce your electricity bill and save energy too.Use both sides of the paper and recycle newspaperChange the settings of your printer to print both sides mode. A lot of paper goes on waste every single day in our offices because we print single sided. If this is changed to print both sides, lot of paper will be saved. Also, if we start recycling our newspaper it will save many trees and protect the environment too.Take shorter showers and go to a car wash to shower your carDid you know that every two minutes you take a shorter shower you save on 10 galloons of water? Try doing this to save water and to be eco friendly. Also, take your car to the car wash instead of you giving it a shower. This will save a lot of water too as these places are efficient and they save water.Pay bills online and stop paper bank statementsNow everything can be done online. You can purchase online and you can pay online. You can stop your bank paper statements and view it online. This way, you can save paper and millions of trees. Use eco friendly affordable housing optionsOppose to past, where it was really difficult to get your own house, now there are many options for housing. Eco friendly housing is one of those options. BTCA group offers portable buildings for sale transportable buildings for sale. They customized these buildings according to your needs and wants. These buildings are eco friendly and affordable modular buildings for sale.