Tips For Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Selecting the bathroom flooring method has become a dilemma for many. On one hand they want the bathroom to look really nice and on the other hand the cost and the durability of the method is a question. Selecting a method shouldn’t be so hard if you consider these factors when choosing.

The environment of the bathroom

When selecting a ground covering method for a bathroom first you need to look around and have a good understanding of the bathroom environment. There are two components of the bathroom the wet area and the dry area. For these two to be significantly separated there needs to be a huge space. If your bathroom is very small and almost all the space is a wet area avoid using methods like a floating floor. These are mainly made of synthetic wood panels and there is a gap between the ground the wood. Wood decays easily in the highly moist areas and if there is a ever a water leak and water gets inside the gap it can be very difficult and costly to repair. For a small bathroom ideal choices would be either tiles or a stone. Because you need a good waterproof method to avoid water from the bathroom leaking in to the other levels of the house. Click this link for further information regarding timber floors.

Your budget

Before selecting a method you need to figure out how much you can spend exactly. Even though a method like a floating floor in Sydney is cheaper than stone, you shouldn’t select such a method. The budget should be considered but you shouldn’t make your decision solely based on the budget. For example if you have a lower budget you can select a method lie tiles or vinyl for the bathroom floor. The cost of these methods depends on the type of tiles or the vinyl you choose but tiles are cheaper than stone and it is water proof and it is very durable. Since it comes in variety of colours you can chose from whichever you like.

Who uses the bathroom?

You need to take this factor in to consideration when selecting flooring methods for the bathroom. If you have small kids and elderly people using the bathroom you may want a slip proof method. If you are selecting tiles, there are two types of tiles you can chose matt finish and the gloss finish, gloss finish tiles look nice but they are not very slip proof, you can get matt finish hard tiles to avoid slipping. If you are getting vinyl there aren’t such options but you can get a thick material to cover the floor. Use rubber mats and carpets to make sure the kids and the elderly won’t slip and injure themselves.